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  1. jpmorgan49

    Display Mod - Hard to take off

    Hi, I recently FINALLY received my Display Mod. It connects on the "shoe" on the top of the Media Mod. It really works great. I have an issue removing it from the shoe, it really difficult to remove. I'm afraid I may damage the swivel mount on the Display Mod when I'm removing it. Has anyone...
  2. jpmorgan49

    Movo WMX-1

    Movo WMX-1 (RESOLVED) Hi, I just wondered if anyone has used this lavaliere microphone. It has some good reviews. I was thinking of plugging it into my Media Mod on my 8. This should work, right? Thanks. jim
  3. jpmorgan49

    Protection for lens

    It bothers me that there is no replaceable protection for the Hero 8. I was thinking of either getting the Rollcage or just getting the tempered glass protection. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
  4. jpmorgan49

    I'm Back

    I was an active member years ago. At that time I had a Hero3+. I've been gone for awhile but yesterday they delivered my Hero 8 Black and I'm so excited to get back to a Hero and GoProFanatics!!
  5. jpmorgan49

    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More WenPod GP1

    Has anyone taken a look at this 2 axis stabilizer? https://www.massdrop.com/buy/wenpod-sp1-and-gp1-digital-stabilizer?utm_placement=0&referer=C7LN7A&mode=guest_open&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Automated%20Daily%20Promotional%202016-02-25&utm_term=Daily%20Promotional...
  6. jpmorgan49

    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More SLICK Stabilizer

    Has anyone looked into this stabilizer excuse the pun but it is really SLICK. It's waterproof and it accepts the GoPro in the waterproof case. It looks really nice and will sell for under $300. I've attached a link below. jp...
  7. jpmorgan49

    Quick Travel Question

    I'm leaving for Disney World tomorrow and I have all my GoPro gear ready to go . I was wondering if it's OK to take my SmaPole S1 in my carry on baggage? Would they consider it a weapon? Has anyone taken it as carry on? Thanks in advance. jp
  8. jpmorgan49

    GoPro Cases and Storage SmaTree G160 Case Review

    First off I'd like to say I won this case on a GoProfanatics.com forum with the promise of leaving a review. I have several Smatree accessories for my GoPro Hero 3+ Black camera that I purchased and have found them all to be solid, useful items. I own the Smatree GA700-2 waterproof case which I...