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    GoPro Max

    The 360Fly wasn't as good as quality as hope yet wasn't terrible in my opinion for a 2016 camera. The Max should be far superior or at least I hope it is. I used the Fly once while skiing at Mt. Baker but never did much of it. May try the Max but standard GoPro's work really good for action...
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    GoPro Max

    Here is a waterfall video I did for fun years ago and the biggest waterfall is at the video's end.
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    GoPro Max

    I'm the owner of 8 GoPros with adding the Max. I've been using a 360Fly for real estate tours dating back to 2016 and 360 video has been primarily for work. I drove off with the camera and tablet on the back of the truck loosing them and then decided it was time to go with the Max. I just...
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    GoPro Max

    Anyone using the Max? I'm ordering one since my 360fly has been lost.
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    ENDURO 2021: Yamaha XT250

    Like the edit style the video and all the crazy business in the video itself.
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    Park City 2021

    That is totally for sure! Loved every bit of skiing there.
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    Park City 2021

    You had me at CCR! Great video and I had the pleasure of skiing Park City a few years back. Would love to head back there and not have to rent gear and I use my own stuff.
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    GoPro Stock on the Rise

    I've been a shareholder since IPO and have road the waves of the launch and the eventual plummet around the Karma failure. Recently though, GoPro's stock has climbed back to the positive for me with today's price hovering around the mid $12. Curious if anyone else in the forums held or invests...
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    Other Cologne Carnival - Ghost Town

    Like your video style and the black and white was a nice change to see.
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    August 2020 Update: New Forum + Your Feedback

    My first time back in awhile and happy to see the upgrades and the rejunvination of the site. I'm going to be coming back more often as I've lost my GoPro passion, after buying this house, and want to get back into making videos to share. Thanks AJ for getting back into things.
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    Watersports Exploring the Ballroom at Ginnie Springs

    Great dive video!, I clicked through and liked on YT.
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    GoPro Hero7 Pre-Order Video Announcement

    GoPro sent out an email announcing the Hero7 and its Gimball-Like built in stabilization. You can watch the video on YouTube.
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    GoPro replaced my Karma

    Last week while filming a home, the Karma controller issued a battery failure warning. The warning instructed me to land yet the Karma would decend past 31ft. Eventually, the Karma shut off and plummeted to the ground in a rather aggravating demise. However, the next day I called GoPro and...
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    Watersports Sailing Bora Bora on the Vitamin Sea GoPro Hero 4

    Really great video man, earned a sub from me! Looks like one hell of a vacation.
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    Snow Sports Snowboarding and Sking Austrian Alps

    Nothing better than a day on the mountain.