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    wot no Fusion section

    don't think i've missed it, but can't see a section for Fusions
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    Custom DIY Mounts stereo-rig GoPro for 3D

    wow, that's a big gap considering how close together the lenses are on a normal 3D housing
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    speed read-out on Quik app

    on the latest update of Quik on my iPhone, it said they've added an animation when you hit max speed. Has anyone been able to get it to work
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    Watersports Water Park action in Phoenix

    they are very sensitive about taking pictures of children over here. Almost got kicked out of a local swimming bathes because i was sat in the grandstand & they thought i was taking pictures with my phone, when actually i was writing a text
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    Watersports Water Park action in Phoenix

    excellent, i do like a good waterpark. Your not allowed camera's of any sort near swimming pools in the UK, not that we've got any like that anyway
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    Watersports Waterproof GoPro Drone?

    Lily claimed it could do alot of stuff that wasn't actually possible. I remember an early promotion video showing the "follow me", & the bloke was wearing a backpack with all the gear in, yet it was going to be shrunk to fit on a wrist device
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    Watersports Waterproof GoPro Drone?

    no Karma isn't waterproof (or resistant), can't help on which are i'm afraid
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    well, sorry to say but i'm off. Theirs way too much spam on here & doesn't seem to be any attempt to stop it (whether it be as simple as moderators just deleting the threads & banning the account) there has been some good GoPro content & discussion, but i'm not trawling through this everyday Duane
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More Need advice for a gimbal

    i've got the WG, can't say i've used it much but does seem to do the job ok. It won't work with the Hero5 tho if you do get one
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    How safe are GoPro's with magnets

    Anyone any idea how safe GoPro's are to use by magnets. I've got a very strong magnet mount, but always use an extension to make sure the GoPro is away from it. I want to use it as a magnetic chest mount, which means it'll be close. Is that going to cause any damage
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    Motorsports Throwback Thursday In-Car Video

    excellent. 2011, so guessing it was a the original HD Hero or Hero 2 that it was recorded with
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    Other Drive Scenes wit the Hero 5 Cameras

    i use my 5 Black as a dashcam, & not sure which i prefer best. 2.7k with imagestabiliser or 4k
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    addicted to GoPro's

    only just realised I hadn't done my own thread for my collection, as the title I'm addicted to GoPro's & trying to collect them all. I've got 25 at the minute, although another is already in the post. I have got a few sealed, but do like to mess with the ones that are open. I've got a couple of...
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    Hero+LCD, Argos special

    I assume Argos are a UK only company, but they are currently selling the Hero+LCD for £149 (£100 off). It is a discontinued model now, but my local store has had a new delivery in, but assume they are clearing Buy GoPro HERO+ LCD Screen Full HD Action Camera at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop...
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    Karma recall

    doesn't look like its been mentioned here, so thought i'd post up for 1) anyone who might have a Karma & needs to return it 2) to discuss how bad this is for GoPro things haven't been good for GoPro recently, but the Hero 5/Karma launch did help. Now thats not worked out as expected what can we...