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    Is there a way to find out what video mode was used

    Going back through some of my videos taken recently. I was doing some testing and lost my notes (uhg). When I'm in gopro studio, is there anyway to find out what my video settings were for a specific video? 4K, 1080 etc, FPS, protune? Thanks
  2. J

    Import video from galaxy 5s

    Why can't I import a video taken with my 5s? Does it have to be converted somehow? Thanks Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
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    gopro studio pc requirements

    Well after being all excited to receive my black, I went out and captured some race footage at 1080/120 then get home and upload to pc. Now it looks like my pc is too old to support the video. The 120 is all glitch and I can't even really see it. Does this mean I need a pc upgrade? If so...