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    Why I won't buy Hero6

    It's the same reason I wouldn't buy Hero5: https://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/accessories-2/pro-3.5mm-mic-adapter/AAMIC-001.html# What an abomination, if they included the adapter free like with the Yi4K+ it's still a ludicrous brick thing that is about as unsuitable for an action camera as you can...
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    Other Back home in 5 minutes

    Just a short dashcam edit from my (hero4) bits and pieces youtube acount. I had £200 worth of new glass for a building project in the back!
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More What drone?

    I would say if the gimbal interests you the Karma is a good option. DJI's new Mavic outclasses it in every way though with possible exception of video quality though even that is close considering no fish-eye distortion with Mavic (or earlier P3/P4) To be honest I dislike the whole idea of...
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    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles 4K is over rated...this is why...

    30 or 24 fps isn't glitchy low frame rate, I don't know what you mean. Or are you recording at 15fps on a Hero 3? Its debatable whether its worth rendering at 4K for TV though, my 4K TV only looks better playing 4K over 1080p if you sit about 4 feet away. It's more obvious on the PC monitor...
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    Motorsports Yamaha X Max 250 & GoPro Hero 4 Black

    Looks good, you must be Schaaf subscriber like me :rolleyes: - tune -
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More Gimbal with gopro case

    I don't think so, though there may be some unorthodox way to mount it. The motors seem tough enough to deal with extra weight within reason but if the centre of gravity is changed it probably won't hold level without calibration. Hero5 being at least splashproof without a case solves the issue...
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    Motorsports DIY Chin Mount for helmets!!

    I can't see it's a good thing putting screws through near where your face might get squashed. Why is this better than a more conventional mount and J-arm? Having said that the front of my helmet is too pointy, I did consider 2 or 3 extra layers of the sticky pad stuff to pack up the sides.
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More Feiyu-Tech G4S - Is it the best Gimbal for the price.

    They will transform your video, I don't think there's much to choose between the various models out there, none are guaranteed flawless in longer term use. I've been quite impressed with the simplicity and robustness of a single axis (feiyu). It can be used on a helmet mount and works...
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    HERO4 Black/Silver update v4.0

    More fine tune of white balance seems a useful improvement. Who's first :cool:
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    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles What's your opinion on my video? Good or Bad?

    The frequent fade to black cuts are a bit much. In general a fade to black is shorthand for 'later' or a completely different scene - though nothing is wrong if the effect is what you hoped. There are no set rules.
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More Feiyu G4 3 Axis Gimbal Owners thread

    This was greatly helped by the G4. What it does really well is shown the opening sequence, circling around - which gives a stunning almost 3D feel. Driving alongside on a bumpy field the video would not have been a pretty sight handheld.
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    Other 4 years around Europe [Beautiful Places]

    Excellent, I remember that curving viaduct near Chamonix from visiting on my bike in 1988!
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    Biking On the Trail!

    It would be much less jiggly if you recorded mainly with a helmet mount. It's nice to have brief cutaways from the alternative mounts though.
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    Video thumbnails

    Can't beat a good Youtube thumbnail to encourage views of a boring video :p

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