Mark GoPro Time Lapse of Ireland

Incredible Time Lapse Highlight Video of Dundalk, Ireland

Here’s an amazing time lapse highlights video made by one of our very own GoPro Fanatics members, Mark D!

The footage is captured in Dundalk Co. Louth, Ireland at various locations. He used a total of over 37,000 photos shot over a 6 month period to create this clip.

If you want to learn how to apply some of the cool effects and technique Mark used, be sure to check out our blog post which covers 7 Easy Ways to Dramatically Improve your GoPro Time Lapse Videos.

Did you like Mark’s Time Lapse video?

2 thoughts on “Incredible Time Lapse Highlight Video of Dundalk, Ireland”

  1. Amazing. I’d love to know the exact settings Mark used and how he got thos rotational lapse shots.

  2. Hi Mark! Nice video but I’d suggest to use a stack of ND filters… During daytime the GoPro shutter speed is a bit too short so any moving object is jumping. ND filters can give nice flowing movement…

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