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GoPro to launch a Mobile Video Editing App
GoPro Mobile Editing App

GoPro to launch a Mobile Video Editing App

GoPro president, Tony Bates, announced that the company is working on a brand new mobile video editing app that will allow users to trim and share their epic GoPro footage directly from their phone.

The app is expected to be released by the end of the summer and is currently undergoing final development and testing.

If you recall, GoPro released the HERO+ LCD camera which was the first GoPro to feature on-camera editing. Users are able to trim videos using the LCD screen and then share the edited clips to their phone. Now with the new editing app expected to be released, all GoPro owners will be able to edit their footage without the need to upload to their computer or use a 3rd party app.

Not much information has been released as to the extent of what you can do with the app but my guess is that it will be similar to GoPro Studio. You should be able to select and trim the clips you want to use, drop them on to a timeline, add music and then export the final edit so you can share it on social media directly from your phone. They might even have pre-made templates which would be sweet!

I have to agree that uploading hours and hours of raw footage from the camera to the computer and then setting aside a few more hours to sift through it and then put together an edit is extremely time consuming and not something I get particular excited about. GoPro Studio does make it super easy with their templates though.

Having the mobile editing app will allow you to trim the clips on the fly and probably increase the likelihood of footage getting posted for everyone to see instead of being left to die (the latter is what typically happens to my footage! Sad, I know.).

With that said, the best solution that is starting to come to surface is automatic video editing. Nick Woodman did mention that ultimately he would like a cloud-based service that would automatically create a highlight reel for every GoPro Fanatic. Now we’re talking!!

Are you excited about this mobile editing app? What features would you want to see? Tell us below.

2 thoughts on “GoPro to launch a Mobile Video Editing App”

  1. Awesome. As original gopro footage can be very washed out straight out of the camera, hopefully can apply a filter/LUT and adjust contrast, brightness etc. other than that just need basics trim, arrange, flip etc.

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