GoPro Superview vs Wide

GoPro SuperView vs Wide: What’s the Difference?

You’ve made your resolution and frame rate selections for your next GoPro Video and then there’s the field of view option or FOV.

GoPro Wide or SuperView?

Yes, there’s also linear but let’s leave that one out for this post..

This one little setting can actually make a big difference!

If you want to skip all this and just watch a video, scroll down!

GoPro’s SuperView FOV is essentially the taller 4:3 aspect ratio that gets dynamically stretched to a 16:9 aspect ratio without any post processing.

It’s done automatically by the GoPro.

For a more detailed explanation of SuperView, check out this post: What is GoPro SuperView?

Benefits of SuperView

In most cases, you’ll be working in a 16:9 aspect ratio timeline when video editing.

So the first benefit is that this dynamically stretched video will fit the 16:9 timeline seamlessly and mesh nicely with all of your other clips without any manipulation or editing.

If you import a 4:3 clip captured in 1440p or 960p into a 16:9 timeline for example, you’ll get black bars on the left and right sides unless you zoom in and crop the footage.

Not ideal.

The next benefit is an increased field of view in both the vertical and horizontal axes.

In other words, you get a more immersive video experience since you capture more real estate.

If you’re going to body-mount the GoPro (think skiing, mountain biking, dirt biking), I’d strongly suggest using SuperView.

So…a larger field of view sounds great, right?

However, there are some issues to using this field of view…

The Cost of SuperView

SuperView will have a more noticeable fisheye distortion especially towards the edges.

It’s even more exaggerated when panning or filming people.

Panning will result in objects getting more and less distorted as they move across the screen.

Let’s take the example of a tree that you’re filming and you want to pan from left to right.

The tree is going to be distorted on the right side of the frame.

As you move the camera right and the tree now becomes centered, the tree will be straight.

But as the tree approaches the left side of the frame, it’ll become distorted again but in the opposite direction.

It’s less obvious if you don’t move the camera but it’s not called an “action camera” for nothing..

Just something to keep in mind.

To better demonstrate the differences between Wide & SuperView, watch the video below.

Your thoughts?

So when do you use SuperView?

Do you even use SuperView at all?

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