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Summer like a Hero Giveaway! Win a HERO4 Session
GoPro Summer Giveaway

GoPro Summer Giveaway! Win a HERO4 Session

In collaboration with GoPro, I am extremely proud to present the GoPro Summer Giveaway hosted by! This is our first giveaway supported by GoPro so I’m extremely stoked about this one!

We want to see what SUMMER DONE RIGHT looks like and that you did it big!


  1. Pick your best GoPro shots from summer and add “GoProSummer” to the filename of your unedited photo(s) (must be taken with a GoPro camera).
  2. Upload your photo(s) showing how you did summer right using the form below.
  3. Upload the same photo(s) to the GoPro website at (you must upload to both websites to be eligible).
  4. After you have uploaded your photo(s) to both sites, leave a comment below and tell us what you would film with your new HERO4 Session!

The winner will receive a GoPro HERO4 Session! There are some runner-up prizes as well including GoPro product discounts and exclusive GoPro swag! This giveaway is open to anyone.

Who knows, you might even be featured by GoPro on their social media channels!

The giveaway runs from Monday August 10 to Friday August 14 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

The lucky winner will be announced on Monday August 17, 2015.

This is your life. Be a HERO!

Good luck to everyone!


GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Winner will be revealed on Monday August 17, 2015.

27 thoughts on “GoPro Summer Giveaway! Win a HERO4 Session”

  1. Lifeguarding at the local pool means quite a bit of screwing around in the pool…which is the perfect opportunity to capture some great pictures with the Hero4Session! Once the summer is over, I have to go back to my life as a college student in Santa Barbara, but something tells me I won’t have a hard time finding photo opportunities there 😉 Can’t wait to take my Hero4Session scuba diving!

  2. I love and I would use the GoProHero 4 Session for my daughters helmet or upper cover! This would be amazing in keeping the small camera on her helmet or body strap! Best for recording fast moving action!

  3. Just submited my photo to both pages 😀
    I would use GoProHero 4 Session to film my surf trip to Portugal. It would go perfectly with hand strap due to its small size.

  4. I’ll definitely be using the small GoPro Hero4 Session to capture all my college adventures as I start off my first year in a few weeks at OSU! Go Bucks!

  5. I would use the GoProHero 4 session in combination with my drone to make my dream video containing all of my favorite wakeboarding tricks!

  6. I would capture all the videos and pictures forever on my never ending quest to see everything this world has to offer. I also love turning all the trips I take friends on into amazing music videos we can watch again and again, everything from wake boarding, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, pirate cruises and so much more.

  7. Hello my name is Spencer! I am 16 years old and have adventure in my blood. My most favorite thing to do is go on trips with my friends. Weather its cliff jumping in the next town over or snowboarding in Colorado, there is nothing better than hanging out outside with my buds. Over the past years I’ve been taking artsy pictures with my smartphone and putting them on Instagram. Over the summer I have had the best time of my life up in northern Minnesota. What was supposed to be just another trip to my cousins house on sand lake ended up becoming the best summer yet. I visited old friends and met some new friends along the way. I was fortunate enough to use my cousin Hunter’s gopro for the time being! Some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever had, had been taken on his gopro. Now that its august I’m home now back in the twin cities. Winter is not to far around the corner and its about to be snowboarding season. This means I’m back on the slopes at Buck Hill in Burnsville Minnesota! I would use the Go Pro session everyday for snowboarding, and definitely more summers to come! would be so stoked to have a GoPro Session!!!

    Thank you!

  8. Just submited my photo 🙂
    I’m gona use GoPro Hero 4 Session to film everything me and my friends do all the time. I’m a big fan of GoPro material 🙂
    Please continue to evolve 😛

  9. I will use the GoPro Hero 4 Session to capture my entire family’s life adventures, especially the growth of my kids. I have been using an old Hero HD for many years now. Weather is be using time lapse to capture my Snow Sculpting in the winter or strapping it to one of my kids to show their perspective on life. It has seen better days and doesn’t always work right away, but when it does it’s always been available to everyone in the family. I just had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and the first thing I will do with my new GoPro is strap it to him for as long as he will let me and then want to use it himself. My other 2 girls already fight over the old GoPro, I’ll make the new one be just for the boy 🙂

  10. This is awesome, I’m gonna be using my GoPro Hero 4 Session in all of our upcoming adventures with my partner. We just love taking videos and pictures most of the time and share to the whole world that life is amazing and as the saying “you only live once” YOLO means Happiness can only be true only when shared. Thanks GoPro Fanatics for this. God Bless us all “Rock and roll to the WORLD”

  11. As a GoProFanatic, adding the 4 Sessions, to my addiction … eh hem … GoPro arsenal, would allow me to have a smaller camera for tighter shots. Over the years, I’ve accumulated loads of film videoing a Supercharged GT Mustang with no shots from the undercarriage or engine compartment (while running). Those two scenes would allow me to complete an edit that is a few years in the making.

  12. Alessandro Vitali

    Having only 1 gopro, sometimes it’s hard,actually impossible, to have multiple point of views. With a Hero4Session the problem will be solved. I travel a lot and with a Hero4Session, I would love to do timelapses facing both the outside and the inside of my car.

  13. I usually try to carry my Hero 4 Silver with me wherever I go, but I would love to have the session as my “take anywhere/do anything” camera. I literally would always have it with me. I love the size and shape of the Session, and being able to just have it in my pocket, free of any mounts or accessories would encourage me to shoot even more. I love capturing my life with my GoPro and being able to share with my friends, family and others.

  14. They call me GoProJoe. I would love to add the Hero4 Session to my fleet of GoPros. With the el nino strong this year, I hope to use it for some powder skiing in Colorado this winter

  15. If i won the Hero Session 4 I will use it during my next “life experience”, in fact next year I will spend six months as an exchange student in USA and this camera would be perfect to realize my dream, a sort of web serie about my new life. I will use it during my travel, skying, taking photos and taking amazing TimeLapse

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