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GoPro Hero 8: New Media Module
GoPro Hero 8 Black Edition Leaked

GoPro Hero 8: New Media Module

It doesn’t seem that long ago that that Hero 7 lineup was released with the ground-breaking HyperSmooth stability, Facebook live streaming, time warp and Super Photo

That’s old news.

Talks of a GoPro Hero 8 release are getting louder and louder so what do we know so far?

GoPro Media Module

The biggest change is with the new GoPro Media Module which is some sort of external housing or sleeve that’s going to allow GoPro Hero 8 users to easily connect additional accessories via 2 hot shoe mounts: 1 on the side and 1 on top.

Examples shown in the leaks include the 2 hot shoes occupied by an external LED light and an external LCD screen along with a small built-in microphone.

Ikea meets GoPro.

Let’s go through these one at a time.

GoPro External Microphone

We all know that GoPro’s strength is in video and less when it comes to audio.

This media module not only shows a built-in circular external mic but the multiple hot shoe mounts would allow you to easily connect a higher quality mic to the GoPro Hero 8.

GoPro External LED Light

If you plan on shooing in very low light conditions, the GoPro will struggle, as will many cameras. Nothing new here.

So GoPro is addressing the issue by giving the user the ability to help capture low light footage with an external LED Lamp.

GoPro LCD Screen

Looks like this external LCD screen is more for a selfie / vlogging style use so you can see what your camera sees when it’s facing you instead of guessing.

No word on whether it’s a touch screen and if it’s fixed or folding.

Other GoPro Hero 8 Specs

  • Hinge-style mounting prongs on the bottom of the camera that actually fold out of the way when not in use – could be cool.
  • 4K @ 60fps & 1080p @ 240fps (no change from the outgoing Hero 7)
  • 12MP Sensor
  • Same 1220mAh battery as the previous Hero 7, Hero 6 and Hero 5 so no improvements on battery life
  • HyperSmooth 2.0

So the big change really comes down to this all new GoPro Media Module which will give GoPro users the ability to choose and customize how they enhance their GoPro footage.

On the topic of battery, there’s a chance that this sleeve is equipped with an additional battery to help power these accessories. We’re just speculating..

GoPro Hero 8 Price?

The early estimates have the Hero 8 coming in just under €470 or about $525 USD which is certainly not cheap.

The previous Hero 7 Black was retailing for $399 (you can now get them for much less) so we have to assume that at a price point of about $500, the Media Module would have to be included.

We can only hope that’s the case…

Is the GoPro Hero 8 Worth it?

We’ll just have to wait and see until it gets released.

When is the GoPro Hero 8 Release Date?

On September 20th, GoPro announced that the release date would take place on October 1, 2019.

(via WinFuture)

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