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Scuba Divers fend off Hammerhead Shark Attack
GoPro Hammerhead Shark

CRAZY: Scuba Divers fend off a Hammerhead Shark Attack

Watching this video made me so nervous.

These two scuba divers found themselves getting circled by a hammerhead shark. Fortunately, they stayed calm and used their speargun to keep some distance between themselves and the shark. Ultimately, they were picked up by a nearby boat and pulled out of the dangerous waters.

Check out the GoPro footage below.

You can also hum the Jaws music to make things even more interesting.

Anyone else ever gone scuba diving? Is this your worst nightmare?

2 thoughts on “CRAZY: Scuba Divers fend off a Hammerhead Shark Attack”

  1. These guys weren’t scuba diving. They were freediving. If they shot anything and blood was in the water then of course that would attract sharks. I’m no expert but I wonder if the shark really did mean them harm. I watched the video a couple of times but I wonder what an expert would have to say. Neither answer would surprise me. I just hope those guys didn’t do anything to provoke it before they started the video.

  2. Correct that these guys are not “scuba divers.” As a certified open water diver, instructors teach us to leave sea life alone. We are entering THEIR home. And most likely that hammer head was much afraid as those free divers, therefore defensive instinct would click in. If they were to further taunt it, its brothers would have come by to not only defend but have a nice lunch.

    Situations like that, I’d keep my distance and move along.

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