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And THIS is why you should charge your drone batteries!
Dangerous Drone almost hits skier

And THIS is why you charge your drone batteries!

Sorry for those of you who don’t speak French but quite frankly, that is totally irrelevant.

This is basically any drone operator’s worst nightmare. The fact that the skier was mere feet away from having a heavy drone come crashing down on his head completely blows my mind. If he had been a few tenths of a second slower, who knows what the outcome would have been.

I wonder how the FAA is going to react to this one…I am also eager to hear the truth as to what happened to the drone for it to fail like this. We don’t know if the drone ran out of batteries, experienced a mechanical failure due to temperature, lost connection with the remote, etc. This is all speculation at this point.

If anyone has any more info on this event, feel free to post it.

Does this freak incident spell the end of drones in sports? Tell us your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “And THIS is why you charge your drone batteries!”

  1. I think it will definitely start up more conversation about the safety of drones during sporting events and safety of the athletes as well as spectators. Not sure how FAA will weigh in on this other than what they have already said. Maybe make sure there is fail-safe features. After all, these are machines and whether or not there is regulation and fail-safe mechanisms in place they will still break down in the most inconvenient times.

    1. That thing was huge! Sorry but auto hover isn’t enough… For this type of event I can’t understand why the cameras on a zip line thing wasn’t enough. Maybe restricting it to where the drone won’t spend time above people for more than a split second especially while hovering.

      I’m pro drone but this needs to be planned better. Did we NEED an SLR capable drone up there (guessing it wasn’t carrying a GoPro). Maybe I don’t know know anything and that was a GoPro… But if it wasnt… Did we really need the best camera we could get into the air? Could we have used a smaller camera and therefore a significantly smaller drone. Did the drone give us shots that where significantly better than the “zip line/fly line/cable cam” just because we have it doesn’t mean we need to use it. I spoke to someone who did pro bass fishing once and he wanted to know about have cameras and components coated for surviving submersion… Why? Because his drones going down where a fact of life and he wanted to reduce cost.

      These things crash…

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