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5 Easy Ways to get better GoPro Videos
5 ways to imrove your gopro videos

5 Easy Ways to get better GoPro Videos

You just recorded some awesome GoPro footage, put together an edit that took you over 8 hours to do and just uploaded it to YouTube. You’re going to be internet famous. The views and comments are going to roll in uncontrollably.

This only happens if you’re GoPro or a pro athlete.

Check out this list of simple suggestions that will make your videos more popular and more enjoyable to watch.

1. Shorter is better

Seriously, there are too many GoPro clips uploaded to the internet each and every day that are way too long. Ever wondered why Vine and Instagram are so popular? The video clips aren’t longer than 15 seconds. The attention span of viewers has gone down significantly so your GoPro edits need to follow that trend.

You want the viewers to be wanting more at the end of your video.

There is no magic number in terms of seconds or minutes that a video should be. Just make sure that you’re only selecting the best footage and not adding lower grade filler content just for the sake of making the video longer.

2. Use multiple angles

A video with one angle is almost always going to be unpopular. You need to change up your angles which means changing the mount or location of your camera several times during your session.

Some angles are going to be better than others depending on what you’re shooting. Try and get creative!

If you’re lucky enough to own multiple cameras, you can capture multiple angles in one go and you’ll have more footage to choose from!

3. Pick a catchy tune and match it to your footage

It takes a little extra effort during the post-processing step but try and match the beat to the cuts in your edit. I find this really makes a huge difference in the final product.

If there’s a beat drop in the song you’ve selected, make sure you match it up with the highlight of your video! It¬†will make that part even more dramatic.

4. Hero cameras love light

Even though thew new Hero 4 cameras are better in low light conditions compared to the older models, the GoPro Hero still excels in conditions with ample lighting. If your footage is too dark, there’s only so much you can do¬†even with the most sophisticated editing software. Also, footage in low light conditions will require color correction which is an extra step in the editing phase.

No one likes extra steps, right?

If lighting is low, use a lower frame rate. The video frame rate you choose will directly affect exposure time. With a lower frame rate, more light will register on the sensor hence making the video brighter.

5. Choose the right resolution

Do your homework on what video resolution you should use based on the mounting position, amount of lighting and if you want to use slow motion.

Also, if you’re new to your GoPro, you can¬†use the GoPro App or LCD TouchScreen BacPac to frame your shot before you hit record.¬†There’s nothing more annoying than capturing an epic moment only to realize the angle was wrong or the mode you chose didn’t capture the complete subject.

One main concept that you need to understand is the difference between 16:9 and 4:3 resolutions. 16:9 is the standard widescreen resolution whereas 4:3 will give you a taller angle which is great for capturing body-mounted angles.

However, 4:3 resolutions will give you the 2 black bars on each side if you’re editing in a 16:9 (widescreen) timeline. Personally, I keep things simple and use SuperView for any body-mounted shots. This means that the camera will dynamically stretch the footage to 16:9 automatically without the need to do it in post-processing.

Tell me if there’s another tip or trick that I missed in the comments section¬†below!

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to get better GoPro Videos”

  1. You’re spot on with the video length and right now, I’m working on two versions of the same video because of it. One item I’d add, when choosing video recording resolution is to render in that same resolution as post processing up-scaling doesn’t work well.

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