My Hero 5 GoPro's all get recognized as soon as I plug them into my PC, quik opens up... but my new Hero 6 doesn't, you hear the USB connection sound and the Quik window opens up but to media, no camera attached... that's not all if I take the vard out of the camera and use a card reader, the 6 card won't get recognized but the 5's will. Also, if I take out the 6's card and put it in that little reader that attaches to my iPad, it's not recogzized, but the 5 cards are...

and now to add more confusion, the only way to upload my clips from my Hero 6 is wirelessly to my iPad... OR, and I didn't think or try this till much later, I put the Hero 6 card into one of my Hero 5 cameras... and sure enough, connects and uploads.

Any idea what the heck is going on here? and BTW, I did check and try everything the GoPro support page said, with no luck, first.