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    Pistol grip mount for motorcycle handlebars

    This is a DIY mount I made from one of those sling shot setups that I purchased at Walmart for about $10 bucks. I liked the pistol grip on the device and thought I'd adapt the setup to my motorcycle to give me a mount I could pan with my hand. I used a coupler that had a roller blade skate wheel bearing pressed into it. I added an end cap to the handle with a bolt to secure it, and then I pressed the coupler and the end cap together to slip onto the space in my brake hanle lever. The pistol grip was tapped for a 1/4" bolt, but I'd also suggest to glue the bottom of the pistol grip to the end cap. It is difficult to explain what all was involved in that process and also the joining of the coupler and end cap with the bolts still in place, so here are some pics from flickr that may help.

    I have not shot any video on this mount, as of yet. I just finished it, so I have no idea if there is any vibration or if it works well or not. I can unscrew the bolt to the top of the sling shot and loosen it enough to remove the camera that is held in place with a GoPro tripod mount. I can then slip the rails out to take the camera with me. I can also pan from side to side with this unit mount. Additonally, I can unscrew the GoPro tripod mount on the rail and turn the camera front, side or reverse and then relock it into place. If my mirror is in the way, I can also move it some and this mount should work pretty well, I hope.

    Any rate, it is a simplistic DIY project, cheap to make and easy enough to piddle with in the process........ Will it work well? I have not a clue, as I just finished mocking it into place and have not tried it out at all.

    Pistol Grip Mount - a set on Flickr
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