Ugreen 10,000mAh portable power pack for GoPro Hero 5/6.
With 15% off, only $23.79 to expand your battery 6 times longer!

(1) Simply put the GoPro battery inside the charging slot of power bank to recharge the battery -- no fuss of extra cable or charger at all!

(2) Extral USB output port, able to charge phones, Nintendo Switch, etc via USB cable. No need to tug an extra power bank for phone into your space-limited luggage.

(3) 10,000mAh capacity, able to charge GoPro batteries 5 times, iPhone 8 4 times, iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / Samsung Galaxy S8 Note 8 / Nintendo Switch twice at least.

(4) Easily fit into your pocket.

(5) The input port is today’s most welcome USB-C port, and the USB C charging cable comes in the package.

Image the convenience and relief of have it at hand when using GoPro.

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