Top 10 Videos from March 2016

GoProFanatics Top 10 GoPro Videos from March 2016

March was full of GoPro radness! Here are the top 10 videos from this past month with a bonus video we couldn’t help but post.

1. Car Crash caught on GoPro

2. GoPro International Women’s Day

3. GoPro: NHL After Dark with Claude Giroux

4. GoPro: NHL After Dark with Tomas Tartar

5. Skydiving with GoPro Bombsquad

6. NHL After Dark with Cory Schneider

7. Didga the Dog-Surfing Cat

8. Stuntin’ Sydney with Matt Mingay

9. Sarajevo Bobsled Bikers

10. Sand Dune Jumping with Ronnie Renner

Bonus Video: Tahitian Escape with Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay

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